21st World Scout Jamboree

Rachael has just let us have some photos and an account of  the 21st World Scout Jamboree held in July and August. See the photos in the Gallery and the account below.

When I first heard about the Jamboree I wasn’t that excited about it at all, that changed when I started fundraising and attending the training camps.

At the many training camps I made so many friends and learnt loads of new skills that prepared me for the Jamboree experience.

I had to raise £1000 to attend the Jamboree, which took place at Hylands Park in Essex from 26th July to the 8th of August. It sounds like a lot of money, but to be honest it was worth every penny!!

When we arrived we were shown to our sub camp, Beach. It was great because it was so close to the coach stop that we didn’t have to walk far with all of our kit, however it did mean we were really far away from some of the activities!! Because we were on Beach it meant we were a part of the Ocean Hub, basically a place with shops. Our hub had this HUGE pioneered ship with a seating area in it. It was breathtaking!!

The Jamboree was packed with things to do, to help educate us on world issues and other cultures. I met over a 100 new people everyday, just from walking around.

Activities included, Gilwell Adventure, Splash, Starburst, Terra and Aqua Ville, Elements, Trash and Energise!!

The activities included arts and crafts, puzzles and challenges and just plain fun.

The best one for me just has to be Trash; this is where I made friends with some guys from Newcastle!! They were all really nice as I was on my own so they asked me if I would like to join them.

Another good part was just walking around the sight and saying hello to absolutely everyone you met, giving them hugs and swapping badges with them, it was amazing. It was peaceful we were one world together, with no fighting, no differences, we were equal. This gave us an aim for when we got home, to carry out the message of peace and pass it on.

Splash was really hard work as I was in group with some Japanese which had never kayaked before, therefore they were floating off when the instructors were talking and we had to go after them, it wasted so much time and we were only on the water for 20 minutes!!

What did I get out of the 13 days you might ask, I got so much…

…I got nothing physical like an object to treasure, I got something better, I got memories and lasting friendships. Overall the whole thing gave me so much more confidence to be myself in the real world.

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