A Paramedic & Ambulance Visit and Cub Investitures

On Friday, the Beavers and Cubs were visited by paramedic Jay, who brought along an ambulance to show them. Jay explained what goes on in the ambulance, showed the Beavers how to do do CPR and reminded everyone when they might need to call for a paramedic by ringing 999. Some of the Beavers and Cubs got to turn on the blue lights (but not the siren, we didn’t want to upset the neighbours)!

Jay also showed the Beavers how paramedics use a stretcher and strapped Rachael to one so she couldn’t escape was safe and secure!

Many thanks to Jay for coming to show the Beavers and Cubs all about paramedics and ambulances.

More photos are in the Gallery.

We also had 5 new Cubs invested into the Pack. Welcome to all of them.

More photos are in the Gallery

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