Porthill Scouts: Online for Twenty One Years

One Sunday afternoon around Easter 1999, two of the Group’s Leaders had finished some paperwork and decided that what the Group needed was a website. This was in the the days of slow dial up internet connections (via the phone line – you couldn’t be online and use the phone at the same time!) and websites created in FrontPage Express.

After an hour or two, they published the Group’s first website. Very basic and reasonably quick to load, it was hoped to keep people informed about the Scout Troop. Parts of the original site were saved and you can see an approximation of it here from late 1999.

The site was given a brand new look around a year later. Since then, it’s regularly been updated and upgraded since then and provides a record of what the Group has done over the last 21 years.

Our online presence has increased since then and we are now have –

Take a look and see all the activities we have done in our 112 years!

Thanks to Gareth for the original idea of a website!

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