The Scout Troop is Back!

We are please to announce that the Scout Troop restarted tonight (16/03/07) after an absence of 18 months!

We have a new Scout Leader, John, who is eager to get everything running and 5 Scouts.

More details soon.


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Paul and Rachael Hickton are currently starring in our Division’s gang show Screamline. This is the longest running gang show in the world!

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Exciting News…..

Very soon, we will have an exciting announcement to make.

Watch this space!

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to everyone!

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Christmas Party

For their Christmas Party, the Beavers and Cubs went to the cinema to see the film ‘Happy Feet’. All enjoyed themselves and went home happy and stuffed with popcorn!

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Porthill Beaver on the Paul O’Grady Show

One of our Beavers was on the last night. He had won a drawing competition. Well done Daniel!

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Cub Camp

The Cubs have just come back from a weekend camp at Barnswood with our friends from the 99th Berry Hill.

The weekend started with some of the Cubs from Berry Hill being invested. The Cubs then went off to explore the site and then play a wide game. After supper, it was bed time.

On Saturday, after breakfast, the Cubs started to do the tasks required for their chiefs badge. These included –

  1. Know the basic rules of safety and hygiene in the kitchen and the reasons for them.

  2. Discuss with your Leader the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of preparing and cooking food.

  3. Discuss the importance of a balanced diet.

  4. Under adult supervision plan, cook, serve and clear away a two-course meal for at least two people. Discuss their menu with the people you are cooking for. It should include preparing and cooking vegetables.

    The following dishes are given as suggestions.

    Main Courses

    • Shepherd’s pie,

    • Curry and Rice,

    • Ham salad,

    • Vegetable lasagne.


    • Fruit crumble,

    • Fresh fruit salad.

  5. Make scones, small cakes, biscuits or tarts.

As well as the above, the Cubs did some backwoods cooking. All the Cubs did well and all gained their badge!

After tea, they had a busy evening of playing Deal or No Deal (twice!), watching fireworks and having a campfire. After supper they went to bed a lot more tired than the previous night!

On Sunday after breakfast and packing, the Cubs attended a Scouts Own. After this they had some free time until lunch. After a visit to the shop, the camp closed with prizes given out to the best six of the weekend.

All in all, everyone (including the leaders) had a good time and didn’t get too cold!

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Church Services

We have some forthcoming Church services that the Beavers and Cubs need to attend.

There will be a service at Church on Sunday 24/9/06 for Harvest. All Beavers and Cubs need to be in Church by 10.45 am. The service will finish at around midday.

There will be a service at Church on Sunday 12/11/06 for Remembrance Day.  All Beavers and Cubs need to be in Church by 10.45 am. The service will finish at around 12.15 pm.

Full uniform is to be worn on both occasions. See the Leaders for more details.

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Generous Donation to the Group

Tonight we’ve had some excellent news. The Newcastle Ladies Darts League have presented us a cheque for a huge £645!!!!

A massive thanks to them for this generous donation.

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Group AGM

The Group’s AGM was held on Wednesday 28/06/06. Before the meeting the Cubs and Beavers held a football competition and at the end  a number of awards were presented to Leaders.

Photos are in the Gallery.

The Cubs and Beavers had a great time playing football.

The Annual General Meeting was well attended by parents. Also attending as our guests were Steve the District Commissioner and Kevin the Deputy District Commissioner.
We heard the very sad news that Gretta, who was until May the District Commissioner and is now the District Chairman, was seriously ill in hospital. All our thoughts go to her and her family.

Sharon and Paul were each presented with the Medal of Merit. This is awarded after a period of not less than 15 years of outstanding service while holding adult appointments.
Michele was then presented with her 5 year Certificate of Service.

After the presentations to the Leaders, Sharon presented William his award as Cub of the Year. Finally, all the Cubs and Beavers who took part in the football , were presented with a medal each.

Many congratulations to them all!

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Group A.G.M.

On Wednesday 28/6/06, we will be holding our A.G.M. Before hand we will be having a football tournament for the Cubs and Beavers.

We will be having a presentation ceremony at the end!

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Porthill Scouts is 100!

Well, not quite yet! But we will be in 2008. So if you’re an old member of the Group and have some memories to share or even some old photos, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

We particularly want to hear from anyone who was around when the Scouts restarted in 1983 and if you were a member before 1965

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Cub Camps

The Cubs are going camping quite a few times in the coming months both with our District and our old friends who were in Potteries Central with us. They are also looking forward to a camp in November at Barnswood!

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St. George’s Window is Back

The St. George memorial window which was damaged a while ago has now been returned as good as new. It was removed to repair the damaged lead work and glass.

It is proposed that a grill is placed on the outside of the window to stop any more mindless vandalism. Click on the Great War Memorial button to see how it looks.

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St. George’s Window Being Repaired

The St. George’s window, which is part of the Group’s memorial to those who were killed in the First World War, has been taken away to be repaired.

The window was damaged by someone trying to break into the Church in late 2004.

It is now being restore by the relevant specialists. This process will take a while and is quite costly, but it will be restored to its former glory.

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