Cub Camp @ Kibblestone with 99th Berry Hill

The Cubs spent a great weekend at Kibblestone with our friends from the 99th Berry Hill.

After arriving and picking their bunk beds, we had the opening ceremony where Paul invested 5 new Cubs into our Pack.

All the Cubs were then split into their sixes which were named with Scouting themes. In their sixes they tried to build the highest tower with paper and drew around their hands and wrote a promise on the hand. These were then stuck onto a huge World Membership badge.

We then went for a walk around the site before supper and bed. The Cubs finally went to sleep at about 3 in the morning!!

After breakfast, dishes and the arrival of one of our Beavers for the day, the Cubs did some more crafts and then went for a walk around the Campsite. We went down to Mosty Lee Mill where canoeing and rafting takes place. With a lengthy stop off at the Devil’s Ledge rope swing we all went back for lunch.

In the afternoon after a quiz, the Sixers became Leaders and the Leaders Cubs! The Sixers ran a game and the Leaders did mostly what they were told!
Just before tea, the Cubs decided to have a leaf pile building competition!

After tea, the Cubs enjoyed a campfire, some fireworks (2 days early) and a game or 2 of Deal or No Deal. After a quick supper the Cubs went to bed and straight to sleep!

After breakfast on Sunday morning, the Cubs attended a Cub’s Own and then were shown some old Cub uniforms and old badges. They then set about designing a Cub uniform for the future.

After packing up and a light lunch,  the obligatory visit to the Camp shop took place!

There was a quick closing ceremony and Mums & Dads picked up their tired sons and daughters!

Photos are in the Gallery.

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