2011 Group Annual General Meeting

Friday saw the Group’s Annual General Meeting. This is where everyone connected with the Group gets to see what each section has been up to over the last year and also to do the ‘formal’ stuff, approve the year’s accounts and elect the members of the Group’s Executive.

Before the more formal stuff, each of the sections shoed off their talents. The Beavers sang one of their favourite campfire songs, the Cubs showed what they’d been doing for the Fitness Challenge badge and three Scouts gave a talk about what they’d done to gain their Chief Scout Gold Awards. Our Drum Corps, then gave a demonstration of their talents. Finally, we invested Mark as Assistant Scout Leader (again!).

For the AGM, each of the section Leaders write a report to highlight the activities the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts have done over the last 12 months. As Group Scout Leader, I also have to do a report. However, after looking at a few of my past years efforts, I realised that a certain amount was just repeating what the section Leaders had already said. Boring!

So I decided to show everyone what we’d done and made a video of the pictures that had been taken at our events.

My 2011 GSL’s Report

Everyone seemed enjoy it and thought it was a good way to show off the activities we’d done over the past 12 months.

Trouble is I’m going to have to top that next year! I’d better start planning now……

Photos are in the Gallery.

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