hey everyone, not sure what day we’re on here but it’s been a fair few days, i got a bit of free time so i thought i’d pop to the internet caf and spread the news about the jamboree! having an even better time now that the weather’s improved, it’s absolutely glorious! the activities we have been doing have been alright but the free time is better! started a campfire last night for a poor unfortunate american who didnt seem to understand the concept of ‘feather sticks’. then, naturally, i ran the campfire for an audience of about 150 people who were from finland, sweden, america, slovenia, italy and staffs it was a shame only a few units came.
im trying to upload some photos but im not having much luck so you might have to wait till i get back
see you later

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    • Nick Wood on Monday 1st August 2011 at 15:45

    All that time spent poking fires with sticks has paid off then!

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