The Beaver’s Circus Camp

Beaver Circus

Last weekend, the Beavers went to Kibblestone for a circus themed camp.

The Beavers arrived on the Saturday morning and after saying goodbye to their parents they were told all about the camp. Ontario, our Beaver, then welcomed two new Beavers to the Colony as Rachael invested them. After that the Beavers went on a look around Kibblestone as it was the first time many of them had been there.

Back at the Cub Lair, the Beavers coloured their own placemats before lunch. After lunch they made their own top hats, bow ties and designed their own clown faces which they would have painted on their faces later in the day!

SONY DSCThen it was time to learn some circus skills.

The Beavers tried their hands at tightrope walking, plate spinning, using a diabolo and learning to juggle.

It was then time for the Beavers to have their faces painted using their own clown designs, followed by tea. After tea, the Beavers had to search for escaped circus animals (and whoever found the camp goat would have got extra points!) and the campfire.

The short campfire video!

The longer one!

After the campfire was supper and bed. The Beavers were tired out and even slept for most of the night!


dsc00230 (Large)

The following morning after breakfast and packing away, the Beavers were able to try out their circus skills again and followed this up with a water fight! Luckily it was a warm, sunny morning!

Finally the end of the camp came and after awarding prizes to the winning team, it was time to go home!

All the Beavers and Leaders had a great time.

More photos can be seen in our gallery here – Friday, Saturday & Sunday

A big thank you to everyone who helped with the camp!


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    • Alex Besford on Thursday 17th July 2014 at 20:49

    How lovely to see the photos of the beavers enjoying themselves! Charlie has loved looking through them, thanks x

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