Christmas Camp

After the more serious events of the Remembrance Day parade, last weekend it was time for the Beavers and Cubs to have their Christmas Camp.

On arriving on the Saturday morning, the Beavers and Cubs were split up into teams. Some of them went straight into making Christmas decorations, mince pies and hot chocolate gifts while one group went to do some climbing at Kibblestone’s climbing wall. All the groups swapped around the activities during the day.

In the afternoon, after some entertainment, a full Christmas dinner was eaten followed by some party games. One of the games was to see which group could wrap up three empty boxes to put underneath the Christmas tree.

After the games it was time for the traditional campfire.

When the Beavers and Cubs returned from the campfire, they found the empty boxes they had wrapped had been changed by someone (Santa?) to presents for all of them!

By now it was time for the Beavers to go home, while the Cubs played some more games and then went to bed.

On Sunday morning the Cubs had their breakfast, packed up, played some more games and visited Kibblestone’s shop.

The camp closed at midday.

Photos can be seen in the gallery.

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