The Beavers Invade Warwick Castle

Following on from their epic trips to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry 2 years ago and Cadbury World last year, the Beavers visited Warwick Castle last week.

Setting out early in 2 minibuses which were hired from Keele University Student’s Union, there not being an easy way to get there by train, the Beavers arrived and were met by knights and castle servants. One of the knights had heard about Scouts and was very please to meet the Beavers. The servants were pleased that the Beavers had come from such a long distance away and asked if their horses were ok and resting safely in the stables!

After a quick go of the Horrible Histories maze, it was time to go and see the trebuchet in action. Sadly, it had a crack in the arm, so it wasn’t being used. The Beavers were treated to their own talk about knights and the castle so to avoid disappointment.

After a quick bit of lunch, it was time to see the birds of prey show. Owls, falcons and hawks flew right over their heads! Following on from the birds of prey show, it was time to explore the castle. The Beavers went along the walls, up the towers, visited the Victorian apartments and even got sent to the gaol!

Following a visit to the shop, where a lot of swords, maces and shields were bought, the Beavers had a play on the castle green.

Sadly then it was time to collect the horses and return home!

More photos are in the gallery.

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