Who Needs Computer Games?

Rather than stay inside during the summer, our Beavers and Cubs have been out and about recently.

The Beavers were at Consall Scout Campsite on Friday. After having a walk around the camp, they toasted marshmallows on a fire. All of the Beavers came back for seconds!
The Beavers love singing campfire songs, so while at a campsite they had a good sing!

You can see photos in the gallery.

The week before, the Cubs went to Apedale Museum to visit the coal mine. They all went into the mine to see what it was like to work underground. They also looked around the museum and learned about the history of Apedale from prehistoric times, via the Romans, to modern time and all about the local coal mines.

You can see photos in the gallery.

As we said, who needs to stay inside playing games when you can toast marshmallows or visit a real coalmine?

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