2019-07-18 The Cubs go Bell Boating at Trentham

The Cubs go bell boating on the lake at Trentham Gardens, and this year, it didn’t rain.

You can see photos in the gallery.


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2019-07-05 Sports Evening

Last Friday, it was a sunny, warm evening and the Beavers and Cubs, along with family and friends, had a sports evening on the Marsh.

Silly games were played and family and friends joined in. Hoops were hula’d, balls were kicked, pegs knocked in the ground and parachutes were crawled under on another outdoors evening.

No prizes were given out(!), as the idea of the evening was for outdoor fun!

More photos are in the gallery.

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Carnival Time

Continuing the outdoor activities theme, the Drums have been playing at Tideswell and Bakewell Carnivals.

On Saturday 29th June, the Drums payed at Tideswell Carnival for the first time. It was a very hot and sunny day and the drummers had plenty of opportunities to drink some water when stopped on the route. Many people commented how professional and talented our young people are. They played so well, they have been invited back next year.

More photos are in the gallery.

Then last Saturday, they played at Bakewell Carnival. After a few showers which cleared up from about 12.30 they had a great day. The young people had a game of football before the parade and there appeared to be a lot more people out on the route this year.
Lots of good comments about the young people were overheard and at one point when they were stopped, a woman actually came to speak John and said how good the young people sounded and how professional they all looked!

More photos are in the gallery.

Look out for the Drums playing at more local events over the summer and Eyam Carnival in September.

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Who Needs Computer Games?

Rather than stay inside during the summer, our Beavers and Cubs have been out and about recently.

The Beavers were at Consall Scout Campsite on Friday. After having a walk around the camp, they toasted marshmallows on a fire. All of the Beavers came back for seconds!
The Beavers love singing campfire songs, so while at a campsite they had a good sing!

You can see photos in the gallery.

The week before, the Cubs went to Apedale Museum to visit the coal mine. They all went into the mine to see what it was like to work underground. They also looked around the museum and learned about the history of Apedale from prehistoric times, via the Romans, to modern time and all about the local coal mines.

You can see photos in the gallery.

As we said, who needs to stay inside playing games when you can toast marshmallows or visit a real coalmine?

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District Scouts Night Hike

Back in March, the Scouts took part in the District’s Night Hike Challenge.

The Scouts had to successfully navigate their way around a course using only maps in the dark.

They did very well and came joint first with Red Street Scouts. Well done Scouts!

More photos are in the gallery.

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The Drums play the Town Centre

Our very talented drummers have, once again, played for the crowds in Newcastle Town Centre.
On Sunday 27th May, as part of the Jazz and Blues Festival, they played in front of Newcastle’s iconic Guildhall. There was a worry earlier in the day that they would have to play in the rain, but the clouds cleared and the sun came out! They gave a great performance and received much applause from the crowd!

Photos are in the gallery.

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The Cubs Learn About Strokes and Go Bowling

The Cubs have been busy recently.

Firstly, they had a visit from Explorer Leader Paul who came to tell them about his experience of having a stroke. One of the things Paul had to learn after his stroke, was how to tie his shoe laces one handed! After showing the Cubs how he does it, the Cubs had a try.

More photos are in the gallery.

Thanks to Paul for coming to talk to the Cubs.

Then, last Friday, the Cubs went bowling. They went to Wolstanton bowling green and were taught how to play. After a few practice sessions they had a tournament to find a winner.

Many thanks to Lee for showing the Cubs how to play.

More photos are in the gallery.

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The Drums play at The Foxfield Railway

Yesterday, the Drum Corps played at the Foxfield Railway’s War Weekend. There were many old military vehicles on display, including many Jeeps, a replica Spitfire and an old WW2 era Admiralty van which is owned by one of our drummers’ grandfather.

Also displayed was the 3 ton American Army Truck that joined us on our Remembrance Day Parade last year.

More photos are in the gallery.

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2019 Lymelight Festival

Today (Monday 6th May 2019), the Drums played in the parade around Newcastle Town Centre as part of the Lymelight Festival. Our Drums have been playing this festival since its inception in 2013 (see here).

The Parade included many other community groups, including, following the Drums, some Imperial Stormtroopers! Thought has been given on how to play the Imperial March on glockenspiels and bugles! Some of the other community Groups had decorated umbrellas (quite apt given the weather before the parade!) for the parade.

Photos can be seen in the gallery.

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St. George’s Day Parade 2019

On Sunday, we joined Scouts from across the District to parade in Newcastle Town centre to commemorate the patron saint of Scouting, St. George.

Over 400 Scouts and their volunteer Leaders, gathered at The Queens Gardens Newcastle before parading at 2.45pm along The Ironmarket, via High Street to the Guildhall. This event was organised by the District Youth Executive, and at their request and design, was a mixture of tradition.Our Beavers and Cubs carried swords they had made themselves and the Scouts carried the biggest red dragon (we thought that this is England not Wales!) for the parade!

The parade was led, as usual by our excellent  Drums Corps  and the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire, Mr James Irvine Hinchcliffe-Friend, and Newcastle Mayor Cllr Gill Heesom, took the salute along with Vera our DC at the Market Cross.. There was then a celebration of songs and readings, presentations of awards and all Scouts renewed their Scouting Promise. One of the presentations was to our Beaver Leader Rachael, who was awarded her 10 Years Service Award – congratulations Rachael!

More photos are in the gallery.


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The Beavers Invade Warwick Castle

Following on from their epic trips to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry 2 years ago and Cadbury World last year, the Beavers visited Warwick Castle last week.

Setting out early in 2 minibuses which were hired from Keele University Student’s Union, there not being an easy way to get there by train, the Beavers arrived and were met by knights and castle servants. One of the knights had heard about Scouts and was very please to meet the Beavers. The servants were pleased that the Beavers had come from such a long distance away and asked if their horses were ok and resting safely in the stables!

After a quick go of the Horrible Histories maze, it was time to go and see the trebuchet in action. Sadly, it had a crack in the arm, so it wasn’t being used. The Beavers were treated to their own talk about knights and the castle so to avoid disappointment.

After a quick bit of lunch, it was time to see the birds of prey show. Owls, falcons and hawks flew right over their heads! Following on from the birds of prey show, it was time to explore the castle. The Beavers went along the walls, up the towers, visited the Victorian apartments and even got sent to the gaol!

Following a visit to the shop, where a lot of swords, maces and shields were bought, the Beavers had a play on the castle green.

Sadly then it was time to collect the horses and return home!

More photos are in the gallery.

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Armpit Fudge

Last Friday, the Cubs added to their culinary skills by making armpit fudge!

This isn’t as awful as it sounds! The recipe is as follows –


Ingredients: (single serve version):
2 oz. icing sugar (1/2 cup)
1 Tbsp butter
2 tsp cream cheese
dash of vanilla essence
2 tsp cocoa
sandwich-size plastic zipper-bag (Ziploc etc).
raisins, M&Ms, marshmallows etc


What to do :
Place all ingredients in a sandwich-size plastic zipper-bag (Ziploc, etc).
Squeeze out all the air.
Squish and smoosh (under the arm!) the bag until all the ingredients are well mixed and there is a creamy consistency.
Add any favourite flavours or other stuff (raisins, M&M’s, peanut butter, chopped nuts, etc).
Take out a spoon and enjoy.

The Cubs making their fudge

There are some photos in the gallery

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International Women’s Day 2019

Thank you to all the women who have made such a huge contribution to our Group. Without their support and dedication, we would not be here today!

Fun Fact: there are more women Leaders in our Group than men!

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2019 Membership Fees

Dear Parent / Carer

Scout Association Membership Fees 2019

The Scout Association’s annual membership fees are now due. The fee for this year is £40 per member. Porthill Scout Group do not keep this money, it has to be paid directly to the Scout Association to run the organisation.

This cost runs into thousands of pounds for our Group and the swift collection of this membership fee is vital to the future of the Group. The Executive Committee has therefore stated that all fees MUST be paid by 30th April 2019.If your child’s fees are not paid by that date, then, unfortunately, your child will be turned away and will not be able to attend meetings or events until payment is made.

If you have difficulty making the payment on time, please speak to one of the Leaders who will be able to discuss some options with you.

Most parents are now choosing to make payments via our website by credit or debit card. To pay using this method please click here.

The payments are processed by PayPal, in the same way you can pay online for items from retailers such as Domino’s Pizza or Interflora. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay (you can use your credit or debit card) and all the payments are taken via PayPal’s website, so you can be sure that your details are secure, and we do not keep any of your card details. Once the payment has been made, you will receive a receipt via email.

If you wish to pay by cash or cheque, please send this to your son’s / daughter’s next Scout / Cub / Beaver meeting. Receipts will be provided for any cash or cheque payments. Please make cheques payable to “1st St Andrews Porthill Scout Group”.
If your child is a new member, please can you also ask to complete a Gift Aid declaration form (available from section Leaders).

If you have any queries regarding this payment, please speak to your section Leader.

Yours in Scouting
Nick Wood
Group Scout Leader

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Kevin Stanyer: Thank You!

Last night the Group said thank you to our Group Treasurer Kevin as he stood down from the role after nearly 17 years!

Kevin has been a great friend and help to the Group and he has ensured that we have kept financially stable. Kevin will be staying on as Newcastle District’s Treasurer and has promised to come and see us from time to time.

A presentation was made at Kevin’s final Group Executive meeting last night of his favourite tipple and something to drink it in!

We as sad to see Kevin leave us, but we offer our sincere thanks for all he has done for us!

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